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Consumer Homeowner Database

Purchase Verified Homeowner Lists: Pinpoint Your Demographic Segment for Efficient Lead Generation

Enriched Florida Homeowner Leads

Why Homeowner Lists are Essential for Lead Generation in Specific Industries

Optimized Data Lists for Home Repair and Maintenance Lead Generation

  • Target precise HVAC customers with homeowner lists, maximizing engagement and conversions.

  • Roofing businesses can pinpoint homes by age or type, optimizing targeted marketing strategies.

  • Lawn maintenance companies can identify properties by size or region, ensuring focused advertising.

  • Plumbing services can utilize lists to find older homes more likely to need plumbing repairs.

  • Discover Real Estate Leads and opportunities by leveraging both Consumer Leads and Homeowner Leads to match Buyers and Sellers

  • Generate Painting Service Leads by offering promotional deals and seasonal packages for specific neighborhoods or home types.

HVAC NAICS code - 238229

Lead Generation with Targeted Homeowner Lists

Utilizing Homeowner Lists to Focus and Tailor HVAC Marketing Efforts

  • Geo Target Homes for HVAC services; customize your marketing to focus on key states such as Florida, Texas, or any other USA region

  • Build Custom Lists by Demographic for your HVAC Marketing campaigns. Target by Income, Home Type, Purchase and Permit History

  • Select Over 100 Ways to Filter; Utilize advanced segmentation for HVAC repair or Installation Service Opportunities

  • Top HVAC Leads: SIC code 1711 / NAICS code - 238229 (Heating, Ventilation)

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HVAC NAICS code - 238229
Roofing NAICS code - (238160)

Roofing NAICS code - (238160)

Lead Generation from homeowner leads

Insightful Marketing for Roofing: Property Age to Material Preferences

  • Target Storm-Prone Regions: Connect with homeowners in areas frequently affected by severe weather, offering timely roofing solutions.

  • Customize Campaigns by Roof Age and Material: Focus on properties with older or more vulnerable roofing, enhancing conversion rates.

  • Analyze and Filter Property Records: Leverage data insights to pinpoint homes in need of immediate roofing repair or replacement post-storm.

  • Monitor Local Market Trends: Identify emerging needs and preferences in roofing, allowing for agile and responsive marketing strategies.

  • Top Leads for Roofing SIC code 1761 & NAICS code -238160

Landscaping NAICS CODE - (561730)

Lawn Maintenance Lead Generation:

Target Homes and Homeowners by Property Size

Target Homeowners by Land Size:

Top 4 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Landscaping Business

  • Customized Geo-Targeting: Utilize homeowner p lists to geo-target properties based on acreage. Pinpoint specific neighborhoods enabling a focused and cost-effective marketing approach.

  • Segmentation by Property Features: Use Enriched Residential Property Records to segment your target audience by lawn size and landscape feature

  • Timely Outreach Following Property Transactions: Use homeowner lead lists to identify recent home buyers who may need landscaping services. Reach out with tailored offers, positioning your services as the go-to choice for new residents.

  • Network with Real Estate Professionals: Leverage Lists of Real Estate Agents to establish partnerships with real estate agents. Offer your landscaping services to homeowners through these Realtor Partnerships

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Landscaping NAICS CODE - (561730)


Homeowner Prospecting List Broker:

Target Properties by Year Built for Precision Plumbing Lead Generation

Homeowner Mailing Lists for Plumbing Services:

Discover the Top 4 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Plumbing Business

  • Custom Targeting by Property Age: Use homeowner lists to target properties based on age, focusing on older homes that may need plumbing upgrades or repairs. A tailored approach ensures you reach the homeowners most likely to require your services.

  • Referrals from Local Companies: Form partnerships with home improvement companies. Target Lists of Roofing Companies and HVAC Businesses to get leads on homes with potential plumbing issues.

  • Seasonal and Emergency Targeting: Use homeowner lead lists to create seasonal campaigns. Whether it's winterizing pipes or offering rapid response to leaks, position your services as essential to homeowner peace of mind.

  • Location-Specific Mailing Campaigns: Use detailed consumer homeowner data to select regions prone to specific plumbing challenges like hard water or low water pressure.

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Construction Contractors

NACIS Code - (236220):

Strategic Targeting by Building Types, permitting, and Business Opportunities

Top Marketing Plan: Buy Homeowner Data for Construction Client Client Acquisition

Purchase Consumer Mail Lists for Home Renovation Construction Services |

How to Generate Construction Leads for Your General Contracting Business

  • Leverage B2B Leads and Consumer Information: Utilize targeted homeowner records and B2B lists to identify potential residential and commercial renovation opportunities, boosting lead quality.

  • Collaborate Across Industries: Form partnerships with real estate, home inspection, and other industry professionals, using business lists to find and connect with referrals and potential B2B clients.

  • Customize Regional and Demographic Campaigns: Enhance client acquisition by tailoring marketing to specific regions, demographics, or business types through detailed homeowner and business data.

  • Engage Clients and Foster Loyalty: Proactively engage potential clients and maintain relationships with past clients through comprehensive homeowner lists and B2B lists, encouraging repeat business and referrals.

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Construction Contractors   NACIS Code - (236220):


NAICS CODE - (531210):

purchase Homeowner leads to generate Sales, Listings, Foreclosures, and More

Empower Your Real Estate Business: Targeted Lead Generation Strategies to Connect with Buyers, Sellers, and Investors in the USA

What are the Best ways to Generate Real Estate Leads with Targeted Homeowner Lists

  • Residential Lead Generation(Sellers): Find USA homeowners potentially looking to sell, leveraging data such as property age, location, and recent renovations to identify potential listings.

  • Find Residential Buyers: Connect with potential homebuyers by utilizing demographic information, buying patterns, and geographic preferences to match with suitable properties.

  • Commercial Real Estate Leads: Utilize B2B Lead lists to pinpoint commercial property owners looking to sell, focusing on key business sectors, property types, and market trends.

  • Find Wholesalers: Identify real estate wholesalers in the market for bulk property purchases, targeting those with specific investment strategies and preferred property profiles.

  • Discover Tax Credits: Utilize homeowner and commercial property lists to identify opportunities for tax credits related to property investments, including energy efficiency, historical preservation, and other applicable local or federal incentives.

  • Locate Foreclosure Opportunities: Target distressed properties for potential acquisition, aiding clients in finding homes below market value or for investment purposes.

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Electrcial Contractor NAICS CODE - (238210):
Empowering Electricians: generate warm leads with Homeowner broker lists

Targeting Residential and Commercial Properties: Elevate Your Electrical Company with our B2C & B2B Database. Source Home Repair Leads

Efficiently Generate USA Electrical Leads:

Calling & Email Lists for Business Growth in the Electrical Industry

  • Focus on Niche Markets: Reach out to our homeowners or businesses in our USA Leads Database in need of specialized electrical services such as solar installations or energy-efficient upgrades.

  • Partner with Solar and Roofing Contractors: Form strategic alliances with solar installation and roofing contractors to exchange referrals and maximize your reach.

  • Engage with New Construction and Renovation Projects: Utilize our database to connect with builders, real estate agents, and homeowners embarking on new construction or renovation, offering your expertise in electrical design and installation.

  • Emergency Service Promotion: Focus on providing emergency electrical repair services and advertise directly to homeowners who may need immediate assistance.

  • Green Energy and Power Upgrades: Identify properties ripe for sustainable energy improvements. Offer solutions for upgrading to green energy systems, enhancing local power grids, and contributing to community-wide energy efficiency goals.

Electrcial Contractor NAICS CODE - (238210)
Specialized Homeowner Directories

premium Appliance & Home Repair Prospecting List

Reach Potential Prospects with Specialized Homeowner Directories

Generate Superior Leads in the Home Repair & Appliance Sector

  • Precision-Targeted Homeowner Lists

  • Quality Home Repair Leads

  • Verified Appliance Repair Leads

  • Real Homeowner Contacts

  • Accurate, Regularly Updated Lists

Home Improvement Leads

With the right data and A.I., your sales are endless

Home Improvement Leads

Targeted Home Owner Lead Lists

Our business and consumer databases contain 125 Million Home Owner Leads. Choose from dozens of search selections to find your perfect audience for your upcoming auctions.

Home Improvement Leads

Targeted Home Owner Custom Audiences

A selection of Datatoleads.com clients use our data to create custom audiences. Add them within your Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. We Guarantee and replace your data until 100% of your order matches a targeted custom audience

Home Improvement Leads

Home Owner Marketing - Ringless Voicemail and SMS Campaigns

Use your Targeted Lead lists to generate sales through our A.I. Call Center. Send prospects uninterrupted Mass Sms and ringless voicemail

Home Improvement Mailing Leads

Direct Mail Home Owner Campaigns

The final group of DatatoLeads.com clients uses our data to create targeted direct mail campaigns. Lastly, no questions asked Datatoleads.com replacement guarantee



B2C Database USA | Consumer Lists

Our extensive consumer database at DataToLeads contains contact data for over 335 million individuals, covering every household in the United States. This comprehensive record includes every residential structure - houses, condos, apartments, thus, making it the most extensive residential mailing list in the market. Furthermore, our consumer marketing list includes email addresses and Phone Number Lists for more than 80% of these individuals, establishing our lead as the largest US Consumer Database of the year.

Key Features:

1.) Extensive Consumer Database

2.) Broad Residential Mailing Lists

3.) Accurate Consumer Phone and Email Lists

Business Leads Database | B2B Lists

With DataToLeads, gain access to over 40 million verified business owners' contacts. Our business database, sourced from primary government entities like the SBA, Secretary of State offices, property assessments, liens, and other federal, state, and county records, guarantees precision and accuracy. This database forms a robust and reliable base for your marketing initiatives, ensuring you connect with the right prospects.

Key Features:

1.) Verified Business Owner Contacts

2.) Precise and Reliable Data

3.) Extensive Business Mailing Lists

4.) Robust Email and Phone Database.

Pricing for a Data To Leads Phone, email and mailing lists – is determined by quantity, level of detail and filters. Example, the Data To Leads mailing list can run from 2 cents to 10 cents in most instance

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