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Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back

Custom SEO Plans Tailored to Your Business Goals

Our SEO strategies are tailored to meet your unique business goals. Whether your aim is to boost immediate sales or establish a sustained online presence through Google SEO and Bing keyword ranking services, we collaborate closely with you to develop a plan that focuses on achieving your objectives.

Transparent Pricing: Pay for Results, Not Promises

Many SEO companies charge hefty monthly fees without guaranteeing specific outcomes, leaving you in the dark about the results you're paying for. We believe in a different approach.

Our pricing model is based on tangible results. You pay for each keyword ranked, page ranking improvement, and indexed page. This transparent, quantifiable method ensures that you get measurable value for your investment every time.

What is SEO?

DatatoLeads SEO, or Search Engine Optimization service, is the practice of increasing your website's visibility on search engines like Google, Bing and Duckduckgo through strategic keywords, content creation, and ensuring the site's design is search-engine friendly.

SEO Service

Step 1.) Earning Google’s Trust for Your Site

Google's algorithms are designed to prioritize websites that offer the best user experience and the most relevant content. To earn Google's trust, a website must demonstrate that it is authoritative, relevant, and trustworthy. Here’s how we ensure your site meets these criteria:

Building a Foundation of Credibility:

We boost your site's credibility for Google with structured data and HTTPS, making it a trusted and preferred choice, significantly enhancing your search rankings. These strategic actions lay a solid groundwork, propelling you towards the top of search engine results pages (SERPs)

Step 2.) Maximize Keyword Ranking with Google Search, Bing and DuckDuckGo

After establishing trust with Google, we delve into deep industry research and strategic planning. We collaborate with you to identify target keywords, services, and locations, harnessing our proprietary SEO algorithm to craft content that aligns with your goals, propelling your site to the top of search rankings and setting the stage for continued growth and success

SEO Service

Beyond Google Trust: Deep Industry Research and Strategy

Crafting a Tailored SEO Plan:

After establishing trust with Google in the initial three months, every subsequent action has a significant impact. We work with you to create a step-by-step plan, focusing on the keywords, services, and locations you want to rank for.

Leveraging Proprietary Tools for Content Creation:

Gain access to our proprietary SEO algorithm and tools to craft content for your website. We ensure that our in-depth research aligns with the content generated by our program, providing a cohesive and effective SEO strategy.

Comprehensive Market Analysis for Strategic Advantage

We don't just focus on your business alone. Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your market and competitors, covering both business operations and search engine presence. This comprehensive approach ensures that our action plan is not only effective but also positions you ahead of the competition in your industry.

Your Strategic Objectives: Industry-Specific SEO Services

Real Estate SEO

Optimize your real estate website with targeted keywords such as "homes for sale," "real estate agent," and "property listings" to attract potential buyers and sellers. Our SEO strategies include local SEO, property-focused content creation, and Google My Business optimization to ensure your listings rank higher in search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization

Healthcare SEO

Improve your healthcare practice's online visibility with SEO keywords like "medical services," "healthcare provider," and "doctor near me." We specialize in creating informative content, optimizing your website for local searches, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations to attract more patients.

Solar Energy SEO

Elevate your solar company SEO and search engine rankings by targeting keywords like "solar panel installation," "renewable energy solutions," and "solar power systems."

Our SEO expertise lies in crafting educational content about solar technology, fine-tuning your website for local search optimization, and acquiring premium backlinks to increase lead generation and sales.

Roofing SEO

Enhance your roofing SEO and business's search engine rankings with keywords like "roof repair services," "roof replacement," and "commercial roofing."

Our roofing SEO services include optimizing your website for local searches, creating content that showcases your expertise, and building a strong online reputation to attract more homeowners and businesses in need of roofing solutions.

E-commerce SEO

Boost your online store's traffic and sales with keywords such as "buy online," "product discounts," and "online shopping." Our e-commerce SEO services include product page optimization, high-quality backlink building, and technical SEO to enhance your website's user experience and search engine rankings.

Legal SEO

Enhance your law firm's online presence with keywords like "legal services," "lawyer consultation," and "attorney near me." We focus on content marketing, local SEO, and reputation management to build your credibility and attract more clients

Plumbing SEO

Increase your plumbing service's online visibility with keywords like "emergency plumber," "leak repair," and "drain cleaning." Our plumbing SEO strategies focus on local search optimization, service-specific content creation, and building positive online reviews to attract more customers in need of plumbing services.

Landscaping SEO

Improve your landscaping company's online visibility with keywords such as "landscape design," "lawn care services," and "garden maintenance."

We focus on local SEO, creating engaging content that highlights your services, and building a robust online presence to attract more clients looking for landscaping solutions.


Increase your HVAC business's search engine visibility with keywords like "air conditioning repair," "heating services," and "HVAC installation."

Our SEO HVAC services focuses on enhancing your website's visibility in local search results and utilizing AI-driven copywriting to produce informative content on HVAC upkeep.

Health Insurance SEO

Increase your health insurance website SEO visibility by focusing on keywords like "health insurance plans," "medical coverage options," and "affordable healthcare insurance."

Our strategy involves creating authoritative content on various health insurance topics, optimizing for local and national searches, and building a robust backlink profile to attract more potential clients.

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