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Explore our extensive collection of lead databases tailored to meet your business needs.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Our tutorials provide insights into effective lead generation, data enrichment, and targeted marketing strategies.

Specialized Lead Lists

Discover how our Business Email Database, Consumer Email Database, and specialized lists like Homeowner Leads, Solar Leads, and Insurance Leads can boost your sales and marketing efforts.

Targeted Marketing with B2B and B2C Data

Utilize our B2B Data for precise business targeting, and leverage our Consumer Data for personalized B2C campaigns. Our lists are meticulously curated to ensure high accuracy and deliverability, empowering you to connect with your ideal audience.

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Leveraging Real Business Leads for Successful Company Growth

Through the power of big data analytics software and precision-driven profiling, our curated B2C Database connects you Accurate and Enriched consumer contact information

Elevate your sales strategy with Data to Leads. Delve into our specialized Sale List database for insurance lead generation, utilize cutting-edge hosting solutions, tap into our vast consumer lists, and access an extensive directory of businesses

Verified Sales Leads Database
Prospecting with Business Listings

Great Data Providers

Creates the Best Companies

Essential B2B Database Software with DatatoLeads

DatatoLeads provides your data brokerage with our White Label B2B database and Business List Brokering Software. DatatoLeads offers you an extensive collection of B2B contacts and client information.

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Maximize Prospecting with Business Listings

DatatoLeads' B2B database providers offer invaluable for performance tracking and analysis. By cataloging detailed histories of interactions, businesses can discern patterns and trends. Utilize your big data to assist your sales and marketing teams lead generation software.

B2B Data Enrichment Services

Enrich B2B data with our Reverse Business Lookup industry-specific lists. Moreover, monetize your IT capabilities and expand your reach with our Business Data and List Enrichment Software

Elevate Your Insurance Business with B2B Data Software

DatatoLeads Top Business List Database

In today's fast-paced digital era, the insurance landscape is experiencing profound shifts and transformations. Adapting to these changes and maintaining a competitive edge requires insurance professionals to not only understand current trends but to anticipate future ones. Embracing the capabilities of cutting-edge tools, data-driven strategies, business analytics, and the insights offered by machine learning becomes essential.

Data analytics, in particular, plays a pivotal role in deciphering patterns and making informed decisions. At Data to Leads, we recognize these evolving needs. Hence, we've developed an unparalleled suite of solutions, combining the power of advanced analytics with practical insights, all meticulously tailored to meet the unique demands of insurance professionals. Our offerings ensure you're equipped with the right tools to navigate the complexities of the modern insurance world.

Specialized B2B Sale Database:

Diverse B2BData Segmentation: Tailored for Every Insurance Niche

Our specialized sale database transcends traditional lead collections. It's a meticulously curated repository of segmented data, crafted to empower your outreach. With our platform, you can precisely filter by Industry List, Business Revenue, Debt Load, and Consumer Info, ensuring that you're targeting the right audience every time.

Whether you're diving into consumer insights or exploring business prospects, our database facilitates the creation of the perfect Email List along with Phone contact and Mailing information.

Unparalleled B2B Data for Precision Outreach

Business Marketing Software | Free trial for Insurance

Every insurance professional understands the profound value of precise, targeted outreach. At Data to Leads, we specialize in crafting industry-specific B2B data lists that are meticulously curated, ensuring you connect seamlessly with potential business partners, brokers, and agency owners.

Business Database - 30 Million Business Owners

From local enterprises to expansive corporations, our data provides a comprehensive overview, empowering you to draft tailor-made insurance policies catered to businesses.

With Targeted B2B Marketing for health insurance plans for employees, Data to Leads is your trusted partner in creating bespoke insurance solutions.

Harness the Power of IT: How to Earn off Your Data

In the digital-first world, while IT propels growth, managing big data can be a daunting task. Monetize your IT prowess by integrating with our expansive email lists, ensuring your marketing campaigns connect with a wide-reaching audience.

But it's not just about reach; it's about meaningful, actionable engagements. The sheer volume of data in today's landscape can be overwhelming and expensive to handle.

That's where Data to Leads steps in.

White Label Sales database

White Label Data and Lists:

Monetize Your Business Database

Our White Label B2B Lead Marketplace and Vendor SaaS empower you to upload, store, filter, enrich, and download data seamlessly. Instead of discarding aged leads that could still hold value, our platform transforms them into assets, potentially saving you millions in the process. With our solutions, data management becomes efficient and cost-effective.

Sell Aged Business Insurance Leads

Dive into the lucrative world of insurance leads and data brokering with DataToLeads. List your fresh and aged leads, and earn income with the opportunity to resell those aged leads. Do you have High Quality Aged Insurance Leads?

Match your List to DatatoLeads Real Time Consumer Database for Accurate Enrichment.

Become a Power Broker | Business Data Seller

Stand out in a digital landscape saturated with generic lead generation solutions with your very own White Label Data Business Software.

DataToLeads rises above by offering top-tier services and the unique advantage of white-label customization.

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What is Data to Leads?

Data to Leads is a dynamic platform specializing in providing industry-specific data lists and lead generation solutions tailored for insurance professionals. Recognizing the potential of advanced data management tools like Avocadata, Data to Leads integrated its extensive data, including aged leads, into the platform.

Through this synergy, Data to Leads offers SaaS subscriptions, granting users access to a vast data pool. Subscribers can effortlessly filter and extract precise data for their marketing campaigns, ensuring targeted and effective outreach.

In essence, Data to Leads bridges the gap between businesses and their ideal audience, making lead generation efficient and streamlined.

What is AvocaData?

Avocadata is an advanced white-label software engine designed for data management, lead generation, and tailored outreach. It offers businesses a robust framework for handling vast amounts of data, ranging from fresh contacts to aged leads.

With its adaptability, businesses can brand and customize the engine to suit their specific needs. Incorporating advanced algorithms and AI-driven tools, Avocadata ensures data remains updated, relevant, and actionable, providing a platform that's not just about storing data but optimizing and monetizing it.

How Does the B2B Data Exchange Marketplace work?

The Data Marketplace Exchange is a central hub where data providers list and sell datasets, and consumers, including other data exchanges, purchase them. Providers decide which data they want to make available, set prices, and can negotiate contracts with vendors.

Consumers, including other exchanges, can then buy and resell this data to their own customers. All transactions are enhanced with our cutting-edge NFT Data Transfer software (currently in beta), ensuring secure and transparent data transfers.

How can I monetize aged leads with Data to Leads?

Instead of discarding aged leads due to outdated contact information, our platform empowers you to store, manage, and potentially resell them. With the integration of the Avocadata AI Engine, you're not left with obsolete data. Even if people's cell phones change over time, our list matching software sifts through databases to fetch the most recent and active mobile phone numbers. This ensures you're always connected, transforming these leads into valuable assets and providing cost-effective solutions

What makes Data to Leads different from other lead generation platforms?

Apart from offering premium services, we provide the unique advantage of white-label customization, enabling businesses to enhance their market presence and offer tailored solutions. Start Selling your Data to Sales today!

New Business Start up database

White Label App: Why is Data the Game-Changer in Today's Digital Economy? B2B Database

Harnessing the Power of the B2B Database in a Rapidly Growing Data Landscape

The digital age has undeniably marked data as its most valuable currency, with businesses vying to harness its potential. Let's decipher the transformative nature of data and how integrating with our White Label App positions you at the forefront of this revolution:

Skyrocketing Data Production:

  1. By 2025, daily data production is projected to hit 463 exabytes. Within this vast ocean of information, how is your enterprise positioned to extract meaningful insights? Our White Label App provides tools and interfaces to help you navigate and harness this deluge efficiently.

  2. Economic Significance:

    The big data market is on a trajectory to reach $103 billion by 2027. Does your business strategy align with this monumental shift? By integrating with our White Label platform, you not only tap into a vast B2B database but also position your brand in a sector poised for exponential growth.

  3. Unprecedented Speed of Data Creation:

    Astonishingly, 90% of all data has been generated in just the past two years. This poses the question: How nimble is your business in adapting to these real-time insights? Our platform ensures you're not just keeping pace but leading the charge in this data-driven era.

Join the White Label Revolution

The data industry's rapid ascent presents both challenges and opportunities. By being a part of our White Label ecosystem, businesses can seamlessly adapt, evolve, and capitalize on the myriad possibilities that this data-centric future holds. It's not just about staying relevant; it's about pioneering change in the digital economy.

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B2C Leads Database USA | Consumer Lists

Our extensive consumer database at DataToLeads offers a robust Business to Consumer B2C Data Marketplace, featuring contact information for over 335 million individuals that span every household across the United States. This unparalleled collection comprises data on every type of residential structure—be it houses, condos, or apartments—solidifying our reputation for having the most comprehensive residential mailing list in the market. Additionally, our consumer marketing Leads database are Verified Enrich Data Mined and with email addresses and Phone Number Lists for more than 80% of these individuals, affirming our position as the largest US Consumer Database of the year. If you're looking to breathe new life into your Aged Leads, ask us about our List Enrichment services.

Key Features: (Click to for Free Leads)

1.) Top Consumer Data Provider Access

2.) Broad Residential Mailing Lists

3.) Verified Consumer Email List

4.) Small Business Email Database

4.) Direct Phone number List

5.) Business Owner Contact Database

Powered by Advanced AI: Smart Database Solutions

In today's hyper-connected world, DataToLeads stands out, thanks to our commitment to cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Our platform isn’t just a database; it's an intelligent tool designed to help you retrieve and analyze data more effectively than ever before. When you interact with our software, you're accessing a wealth of knowledge powered by AI, designed to give you comprehensive details, be it about businesses, homeowners, professionals, or consumers. Sourcing documents from primary records becomes a breeze with rapid, precise retrieval, letting you dive deeper and faster into the data you need.

Beyond mere data retrieval, our AI capabilities reshape the landscape of business intelligence. By tapping into extensive business records, UCC filings, court documents, and more, we provide unparalleled insights into the business world. Our technology doesn’t merely fetch information; it understands it. This advanced comprehension means that pinpointing verified contact information to key decision-makers, from CEOs, Founders, and Small Business Leads, is now done with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Through DataToLeads, you don't just access a business's records; you connect directly with its leaders, ensuring a more effective and targeted outreach. Equip yourself with the AI-powered advantage and make every connection count..

Business Leads Database | Build B2B Sales List

Unlock unparalleled opportunities with DataToLeads' B2B Marketplace, your destination for B2B Leads and Data Marketing. Our reservoir features over 40 million validated contacts of industry leaders and proprietors. Sourced from government sites like the Small Business Administration and Florida Secretary of State offices, our databases pinpoint SBA loan, grant, and business credit recipients.

Utilizing proprietary data enrichment algorithms, our Data Leads and Contact Database software becomes a pivotal asset for B2B companies seeking to elevate their marketing efforts. This specialization positions our platform as an essential resource for businesses aiming to expand their reach. Connect and network with millions of business professionals today, and take a significant step forward in your business outreach endeavors!

Harness Precision for B2B Sales and Marketing Software

In today's business landscape, a quality database can make the difference between success and missed opportunity. Our database is fortified by federal, state, and county records, providing an extra layer of precision. This commitment to accuracy is designed for B2B sales leads, prospecting, and B2B software integration. Elevate your marketing campaigns and connect with your ideal prospects through DataToLeads.

Key Features:

1.) Verified Business Owner Email & Cell Phone Number

2.) Precise and Reliable Data

3.) Extensive Business Mailing Lists

4.) Robust Email Database and Phone Database.

A.I. Data Enrichment Services: Turn Aged Sales Leads into Appointment Setting

Every piece of data—be it a number, a name, or an identifier—is a hidden gem of untapped potential. But raw data, vast as it may be, often falls short of delivering actionable insights. Enter DataToLeads, a game-changer in the realm of data transformation and Business AI Software. We specialize in taking raw, unstructured data and converting it into golden, high-quality B2B and B2C leads. Whether you acquired your data at a budget-friendly price point or not, its initial quality shouldn't confine its potential. Leveraging state-of-the-art B2B Software and Business Software, we meticulously cleanse, enrich, and revitalize your marketing data lists. The objective Enrich Data accuracy and precision, bridging information gaps, and eliminating redundancies to produce an optimized list ready for impactful engagements in the B2B Marketplace.

The end result is far more than just data aggregation; it's about data optimization, list segmentation, and data monetization. Experience the zenith of data evolution, as rudimentary information is transformed into actionable, revenue-generating leads. Explore the comprehensive suite of services we offer: list building, prospecting, data enrichment, cleansing, Skip Tracing Services, B2B lead generation, and customer segmentation—all harmoniously integrated under the DataToLeads brand.

Pricing Matrix: Data Depth, Business Scale, and Tailored Solutions

At DataToLeads, our pricing ethos is designed to accommodate your specific needs, whether you're a small business or a large enterprise. We offer a variety of services that range from extracting in-depth historical data to crafting custom datasets through à la carte offerings. Importantly, our B2B software solutions can help monetize your Aged Leads, turning dormant assets into active revenue streams.

Delving into Historical Data

Recognizing the pivotal role of trend analysis in shaping future strategies, we offer a dive into our well-maintained historical data vault. Updated monthly, this reservoir provides clients with a panoramic view of past market activities, facilitating the identification of evolving patterns, market shifts, and emerging anomalies. The pricing for such a comprehensive service reflects the depth, scope, and timeline of the data in question.

Personalized Data Solutions

:We champion the mantra that data needs are unique. Thus, we offer a la carte and custom data services. Whether you seek specific data points, niche demographics, or a rare market segment, our adept team crafts datasets that perfectly resonate with your objectives. The pricing for these tailored services is a function of the data's complexity and exclusivity.

Business Size & Employee Count Dynamics

The magnitude of a business, gauged by its employee count, significantly influences our pricing. Lists that focus on larger corporations, endowed with vast employee networks, are priced at a premium. This reflects the exhaustive nature of the data extraction process and the immense potential these lists hold. Conversely, datasets focusing on smaller businesses are priced more affordably, keeping in line with the limited scope they cover.

Through this nuanced pricing framework, clients can select from a rich tapestry of options, ensuring that the data they procure is not merely informative but a catalyst in their business endeavors. At Data To Leads, we bridge the gap between data potential and actionable insights, catering to a diverse clientele with varied ambitions and budgets.

Data BRokerage lead List Solution

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