White Label Cloud Computing, Scraping & Data Warehousing:

Add Data Commerce to your Call Center service

online data Marketplace : Add Data and list brokering services to your telemarketing bpo

Cash for Data: Add Enterprise Cloud Computing with your Cell Center Services

Unlock unparalleled data commerce opportunities in the BPO industry with our white-label cloud computing and data migration solutions. Leverage cutting-edge cloud servers, robust cloud infrastructure, and secure cloud networks to manage BPO data subscriptions effectively. Elevate your call center services by selling data and aged leads to call center provider.

Modernize Data Delivery with ETL Tools

Cutting-Edge Cloud Infrastructure:

Add Big Data Solutions to your Business Process Outsourcing Company

Access intuitive interface for clients to navigate through a suite of cloud applications, ensuring they effortlessly pinpoint the telemarketing and email marketing lists that align perfectly with their campaigns. By leveraging our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, Business Process Outsourcing companies gain access to powerful Big Data Solutions, enabling the rapid DataLoader for the sale and distribution of your highly-targeted data. This Enables you to create and SELL finely-tuned, custom audience segments promises to significantly enhance the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

White Label Cloud Software, Data Mining & Data Warehousing:

Seamlessly Sell Lists of Contact Data with Call Center Service

Leverage our Proprietary Data Brokerage solutions to enhance your call center's BPO offerings, positioning your business at the forefront of the online data marketplace. Our White Label Cloud Software simplifies the sale and management of contact data lists, integrating seamlessly with your services. This fusion of data mining, warehousing, and cloud technology enables you to deliver comprehensive, streamlined data transactions to your clients.

Online Data Marketplace: List and Monetize Call Center Data & Leads

Harness the combined power of enterprise cloud computing and innovative data warehousing to transform your call center's approach to data.

With our solutions, monetize your data reserves by adopting a ‘Cash for Data’ strategy, and advance your BPO services with cutting-edge enterprise cloud solutions, establishing a new benchmark in data-driven success. Enrich Data and Sell on the Centralized Data Exchange

B2B Data Enrichment
B2b data enrichment
Aged Solar Lead Enrichment
Realtor Phone Number List
B2C Data Enrichment
Data Enrichment Consusmers

Monetize Your Data Assets: Seamless Selling and Subscription Models for BPOs and Call Centers


Before delving into the intricacies of data commerce, let's first understand the landscape. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a practice that involves contracting various business-related operations to third-party vendors. Call Center services are a subset of BPO, focused primarily on customer interaction services like inbound and outbound calls, telemarketing, and customer support.

BPO Meaning (Business Process Outsourcing)

Business Process Outsourcing, commonly known as BPO, refers to the practice of contracting out specific business tasks or processes to a third-party service provider. This can range from back-office functions like accounting, human resources, and data processing to front-office services such as customer care and technical support. The primary objective of BPO is to allow businesses to focus on their core activities, while achieving cost-efficiency and scalability in their operations

What Are Call Center Services? Definition of Call Center Outsourcing

The Definition of Call Center Services: Call Center services serve as the critical link between companies and their clients, centralizing customer interactions across multiple channels. This includes managing inbound calls for customer assistance, as well as conducting outbound calls for sales initiatives and telemarketing campaigns. Leveraging specialized telecommunications equipment and customer service software, Call Centers are essential in defining and maintaining the quality of customer interactions and relationships.

Cloud & Data Computing for Call Centers: Transform Your Data into Cash

Data Vender Marketplace: Offer Aged Leads and Data for Sale

Integrate your BPO and Call Center operations using our white-label data software. Enable your clients to choose the lists they wish for telemarketing, email, or direct mail campaigns. Generate a stable, passive income through monthly SaaS subscriptions, and benefit from enriched data services and access to aged records.

Expanding Your BPO and Call Center Operations with Our White-Label Solutions

What Sets Our White-Label Cloud Computing and Data Migration Apart.

Our white-label cloud computing and data migration services are not just tools; they are game-changers in the BPO industry. The suite enables BPOs and call centers to engage in data commerce effectively, monetize their data assets, and provide enriched customer experiences.

What Sets Our White-Label Cloud Computing and Data Migration Apart.

Robust Cloud Infrastructure: Our cloud servers are engineered for high performance, offering maximum uptime and security.Flexible Data Migration: Easily migrate data from multiple sources and formats, ensuring seamless transitions and integrations.Tailored Solutions: Customize the platform to align with your specific BPO and call center needs, from telemarketing to customer support.

1.) Robust Cloud Infrastructure: Our cloud servers are engineered for high performance, offering maximum uptime and security.

2.) Flexible Data Migration: Easily migrate data from multiple sources and formats, ensuring seamless transitions and integrations.

3.) Tailored Solutions: Customize the platform to align with your specific BPO and call center needs, from telemarketing to customer support.

Engage in Data Commerce: Buying and Selling Made Easy

White Label Database Engineering Platform

The advent of big data and advanced analytics has paved the way for data to become a highly valuable asset. However, the actual process of buying and selling data often involves intricate logistics, compliance issues, and technical challenges. That's where our platform comes in: We simplify data commerce, making it easy for BPOs and Call Centers to engage in buying and selling data assets.

Diverse Data Acquisition Hub: Verified Lists and Leads for Immediate Us

Our platform serves as a centralized marketplace where businesses can both offer and acquire a wide range of data. Whether it's consumer lists, aged leads, or specific market research data, our marketplace has it all, verified and ready for use.

Data Commerce Platform FAQ

How Does Cloud Hosting Lower My Cost Per Appointment?

By utilizing our cloud-based platform to host and sell your telemarketing data, you eliminate the need for physical storage and manual distribution, which significantly reduces overhead costs. This efficiency ultimately translates into a lower cost per appointment.

Can Aged Leads Be Refreshed and Resold?

Absolutely. Our platform allows you to take aged leads, enrich them with updated information, and make them accessible for resale to other call centers directly from the cloud. This offers a cost-effective method to monetize older data assets.

How Does Cloud Hosting Make Direct Mail More Cost-Effective?

With our cloud-based solutions, you can target your direct mail campaigns more precisely by utilizing enriched, location-specific data. This reduces waste and improves your overall ROI, thereby lowering your acquisition costs.

What is Cloud Computing? How is it Useful)

Cloud Computing Definition
Cloud Computing is a technology that allows for the storage, management, and processing of data in remote servers rather than on local computer systems. This approach enables businesses to access computational resources on a need-basis, thereby offering scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

What is Data Migration? How Does it Affect Data Exchange in BPO Companies?

Understanding Data Migration

Data Migration refers to the process of transferring data from one system or format to another. It is usually carried out to replace or upgrade servers or storage equipment. Proper data migration ensures that data remains secure and intact throughout the transition, thereby preventing data loss.

Elevate Your Call Center Services with Front-End Data and List Building

Capitalize DATA MINING with PROPRIETARY DataLoader,

MINING, Data Warehouse & Data Commerce Solutions

Elevate your BPO and call center prowess by transforming your existing data into a lucrative commodity. Our advanced data warehouse integrates with a powerful DataLoader, enabling you to streamline the monetization of your data collections. Embrace our white-label marketplace to brand, sell, and trade valuable data insights, effectively converting your data acquisition strategy into a profitable extension of your business model.

Become a One-Stop Solution with Database and API Integration

Seamlessly integrate our database and enrichment API into your existing call center software and sales tools. This enables your clients to create customized telemarketing lists and access enriched B2B data, making you a one-stop solution for all their needs.

Why Front-End Data and List Building?

Data is the backbone of any marketing campaign. Without accurate, targeted data, even the most meticulously planned telemarketing, email marketing, or direct mail campaigns can fall flat. This is why we've incorporated front-end data and list-building into our white-label solution. It gives your clients the power to build highly customized lists that can significantly improve the ROI of their campaigns.

Elevate Your Call Center Service with White-Label SaaS for Data & Cloud Computing

Transform your Business Process Outsourcing Call Center into a data-driven powerhouse with our white-label SaaS solutions. Specializing in data storage and cloud computing services for businesses, we enable you to become a vertically integrated BPO enterprise. Offer enriched data services to your clients, ensuring optimal ROI for their marketing campaigns. Take advantage of secure cloud storage and seamless data consolidation while growing your revenue through white-label software sales.

BPO Data Marketplace Sales Software

Sell Data to BPO Call Center Clients

Data is the lifeblood of effective marketing campaigns. Our white-label solutions empower your clients to build customized lists, enhancing the performance of telemarketing, email marketing, and direct mail strategies. With features catering to business consultancy services, we bridge the gap between data marketplace and lead generation companies, turning business leads into profitable opportunities.

Step-by-Step List Building

Data Selection: Once logged into the platform, clients can select from various data points such as location, industry, company size, etc., to build a list tailored to their campaign needs.

Data Enrichment Service: Enrich the basic list with additional data such as social media profiles, company revenue, or any other custom field that adds value to the campaign.

Data Verification: Before finalizing the list, run it through a verification process to remove any outdated or incorrect information.

Final Review and Purchase: Clients can review the list, make last-minute adjustments, and then proceed to purchase directly from the platform.

Overall, Our platform takes call center companies to the next level by offering White Label Cloud Computing, Data Cloud Storage, and specialized sales programs.

This not only allows you to offer enriched data services but also transforms your business from a traditional call center into a comprehensive online call center application. With features like data enrichment, verification, and B2B search business database, you're positioned to meet the diverse needs of your clients in one convenient place.

DataLoader for Call Center Providers & BPO Services

Data Migration for Operational Agility

In the sphere of Business Process Outsourcing and call center services, seamless data migration and is critical for the unhindered flow of information between disparate systems and platforms. Utilizing our Data Cloud and CRM integration, you can ensure real-time data sharing between your operations and client databases, leading to increased operational efficiency.

Boost Your Telemarketing and Email Marketing Efforts

Integrate advanced Telemarketing and Email Marketing capabilities directly into your sales database software. This will not only improve your service offerings but also add value to your clients by empowering them to execute more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Real-time Ping Data Enrichment for Call Centers

Instantaneous Data Access through Cloud Computing

Leverage the power of cloud computing to provide call center agents with real-time access to crucial customer data. Quick and accurate information retrieval enhances customer experiences and improves key performance metrics, including reducing the cost per appointment.

Update Outdated Contact Information

As a white-label B2B Enrichment Software provider, we specialize in real-time updates of outdated phone numbers for aged leads. Keep your contact lists up-to-date and effective to enhance your outreach efforts.

Validate and Authenticate Real-time Form Submissions

Instantly ping and validate form submissions, including Facebook Form entries, to ensure phone numbers and other information are authentic and current. This real-time verification enhances lead quality and customer engagement.



B2C Database USA | Consumer Lists

Our extensive consumer database at DataToLeads offers a robust Business to Consumer (B2C) Marketplace, featuring contact information for over 335 million individuals that span every household across the United States. This unparalleled collection comprises data on every type of residential structure—be it houses, condos, or apartments—solidifying our reputation for having the most comprehensive residential mailing list in the market. Additionally, our consumer marketing Leads are data enriched with email addresses and Phone Number Lists for more than 80% of these individuals, affirming our position as the largest US Consumer Database of the year. If you're looking to breathe new life into your Aged Leads, ask us about our List Enrichment services.

Key Features:

1.) Extensive Consumer Database

2.) Broad Residential Mailing Lists

3.) Verified Consumer Email List

4.) Direct Phone number List

5.) Business owner Personal Contact Info.

Powered by Advanced AI: Smart Database Solutions

In today's hyper-connected world, DataToLeads stands out, thanks to our commitment to cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Our platform isn’t just a database; it's an intelligent tool designed to help you retrieve and analyze data more effectively than ever before. When you interact with our software, you're accessing a wealth of knowledge powered by AI, designed to give you comprehensive details, be it about businesses, homeowners, professionals, or consumers. Sourcing documents from primary records becomes a breeze with rapid, precise retrieval, letting you dive deeper and faster into the data you need.

Beyond mere data retrieval, our AI capabilities reshape the landscape of business intelligence. By tapping into extensive business records, UCC filings, court documents, and more, we provide unparalleled insights into the business world. Our technology doesn’t merely fetch information; it understands it. This advanced comprehension means that pinpointing the personal contact information of key decision-makers, from CEOs to business owners, is now done with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Through DataToLeads, you don't just access a business's records; you connect directly with its leaders, ensuring a more effective and targeted outreach. Equip yourself with the AI-powered advantage and make every connection count..

Business Leads Database | Build B2B Sales List

Unlock unparalleled opportunities with DataToLeads' B2B Marketplace, your destination for B2B Leads and Data Marketing. Our reservoir features over 40 million validated contacts of industry leaders and proprietors. Sourced from databases like the SBA and Secretary of State offices, our database is a cornerstone for B2B companies aiming to elevate their marketing strategies.

Harness Precision for B2B Sales and Software

In today's business landscape, a quality database can make the difference between success and missed opportunity. Our database is fortified by federal, state, and county records, providing an extra layer of precision. This commitment to accuracy is designed for B2B sales, prospecting, and B2B software integration. Elevate your marketing campaigns and connect with your ideal prospects through DataToLeads.

Key Features:

1.) Verified Business Owner Email & Cell Phone Number

2.) Precise and Reliable Data

3.) Extensive Business Mailing Lists

4.) Robust Email Database and Phone Database.

Transformative Data Refinement: Turning Quantity into High Quality Appointments

Every piece of data—be it a number, a name, or an identifier—is a hidden gem of untapped potential. But raw data, vast as it may be, often falls short of delivering actionable insights. Enter DataToLeads, a game-changer in the realm of data transformation and Business AI Software. We specialize in taking raw, unstructured data and converting it into golden, high-quality B2B and B2C leads. Whether you acquired your data at a budget-friendly price point or not, its initial quality shouldn't confine its potential. Leveraging state-of-the-art B2B Software and Business Software, we meticulously cleanse, enrich, and revitalize your data lists. The objective? Enhancing data precision, bridging information gaps, and eliminating redundancies to produce an optimized list ready for impactful engagements in the B2B Marketplace.

The end result is far more than just data aggregation; it's about data optimization, list segmentation, and data monetization. Experience the zenith of data evolution, as rudimentary information is transformed into actionable, revenue-generating leads. Explore the comprehensive suite of services we offer: list building, prospecting, data enrichment, cleansing, Skip Tracing Services, B2B lead generation, and customer segmentation—all harmoniously integrated under the DataToLeads brand.

Pricing Matrix: Data Depth, Business Scale, and Tailored Solutions

At DataToLeads, our pricing ethos is designed to accommodate your specific needs, whether you're a small business or a large enterprise. We offer a variety of services that range from extracting in-depth historical data to crafting custom datasets through à la carte offerings. Importantly, our B2B software solutions can help monetize your Aged Leads, turning dormant assets into active revenue streams.

Delving into Historical Data

Recognizing the pivotal role of trend analysis in shaping future strategies, we offer a dive into our well-maintained historical data vault. Updated monthly, this reservoir provides clients with a panoramic view of past market activities, facilitating the identification of evolving patterns, market shifts, and emerging anomalies. The pricing for such a comprehensive service reflects the depth, scope, and timeline of the data in question.

Personalized Data Solutions

:We champion the mantra that data needs are unique. Thus, we offer a la carte and custom data services. Whether you seek specific data points, niche demographics, or a rare market segment, our adept team crafts datasets that perfectly resonate with your objectives. The pricing for these tailored services is a function of the data's complexity and exclusivity.

Business Size & Employee Count Dynamics

The magnitude of a business, gauged by its employee count, significantly influences our pricing. Lists that focus on larger corporations, endowed with vast employee networks, are priced at a premium. This reflects the exhaustive nature of the data extraction process and the immense potential these lists hold. Conversely, datasets focusing on smaller businesses are priced more affordably, keeping in line with the limited scope they cover.

Through this nuanced pricing framework, clients can select from a rich tapestry of options, ensuring that the data they procure is not merely informative but a catalyst in their business endeavors. At Data To Leads, we bridge the gap between data potential and actionable insights, catering to a diverse clientele with varied ambitions and budgets.

Data BRokerage lead List Solution

Don't see what your looking for? Shoot us an email with your requirements.

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