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with White-Label Enterprise Software

Seamless Cloud-to-Cloud Data Migration and Multi-Format

Data Warehousing

Move your data effortlessly between cloud platforms while setting up a robust data warehousing solution designed to distribute

consumer data providers across various marketplaces in multiple formats.

Migrate your data storage and monetize your data assets. Take advantage of our cloud scalability and data warehousing techniques. t

Leverage Smart Cloud-to-Cloud Migration for to sell your data and leads on the data commerce network

Start Selling Data with our Cloud-to-Cloud Data Commerce Network. and robust data warehousing solutions, specifically designed for Data Miners , Skip Tracers, Data Enrichment Companies, and Data Monetization.

This comprehensive approach enables you to effortlessly move, store, and manage data, while also providing you the tools to refine aged leads and enriched data sets. Effectively lower your cost per acquisition by leveraging our infrastructure to tap into various consumer and business marketplaces.

SaaS Leads

White-Label SaaS Platform

to Store and Sell Your Data

Data Warehousing for Data Mining, Aged Lead Stores, Live Transfers and other Enriched Data

Monetize your Aged Data, Leads, and Data Mining Services with our Data Commerce Transaction Network

Introduction: Sell Appointments, Leads and Data to Data Brokers and Sales Teams

Do you have solar, insurance, or business leads that have gone cold or appointments that didn’t convert? Don't let them go to waste. Turn them into cash by selling them on our user-friendly platform.

Our specialized Data Warehousing Cloud Marketplace is designed to help you get the most out of your aged leads. You can easily sell data, leads, manage your listings, and complete transactions, all in one place. Our platform is secure and straightforward to use, enabling you to turn your historic data into a revenue-generating asset.

Join us and step into the future of lead monetization with a platform that's as comprehensive as it is easy to navigate.

Sell Your Leads Across Industries: Solar, Homeowner, and Insurance

Whether you operate in the solar, homeowner, or insurance sectors, our white-label platform gives you the competitive edge to dominate your market. But that's just scratching the surface. You've likely invested thousands of dollars into acquiring leads, and with our platform, you can start getting a longer-term return on those investments. Sell Aged Solar Leads Now

Turn Your Aged Leads into Long-Term Assets: Enrich and Monetize Data with Our White-Label Platform

How? By enriching your aged leads through our white-label solutions, making them more valuable than ever. Then, take the next step and begin selling your enriched data directly to the parties who find it most valuable. Generate an additional stream of income that complements your core business, all while using the same white-label platform that you trust for data migration, cloud computing, and much more.

Turn your investment in leads into a long-term asset, not just a one-time expenditure. Our platform offers you the unique opportunity to not only earn from your new leads but to also remonetize your older, aged leads. It's about creating an ecosystem around your data that serves both you and your customers better, making everyone a winner.

Scale Your BPO Operations with Avocadata's Cloud Engineering and Data Warehouse App

Elevating Aged Leads into Fresh Opportunities

Are you looking to grow your Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm? Avocadata offers a unique blend of cloud computing, data engineering and warehousing software designed to foster business expansion and scalability. But we offer more than just a platform for buying and selling data; we enable you to build profitable, long-term relationships with your call center clients through the Data Cloud Network

Take the Next Step: Create Passive Income and Start a Billion-Dollar Brand

List and Sell Your Premium Data Online with Our White-Label Enterprise Software

Don't just stop at one-time sales; set up recurring revenue streams with our white label content delivery network. Start your journey toward establishing a billion-dollar brand today!

Outperform Apollo, Exact Data, and ZoomInfo with High-Quality Leads

List and Sell Your Premium Data Online with Our White-Label Enterprise Software

With other platforms like Apollo, Exact Data, and ZoomInfo, you might get decent content delivery, but the contact details often miss the mark. Our Data Marketplace enable you to sell your quality leads seamless. Our Data Enrichment and consumer contact database Full of verified consumer contact information, cell phone numbers and direct email addresses.

With our white-label solution, you can effortlessly list your data online for sale, thanks to our turnkey enterprise software designed for content delivery and data monetization

Data Market FAQ

What kinds of data can I sell your Data Market Place?

With your White Label Data Migration Software, you can sell a broad range of data, including Business Lists, Consumer Lists, Homeowner Lists, and Realtor Lists. We support virtually any public data sourced from the government.

How secure is this Data Exchange platform?

We prioritize security above all else. All data transactions are encrypted using robust industry-standard protocols, ensuring a secure and confidential data exchange.

What types of businesses can benefit from your Data Market?

Our data market platform is ideal for Business Process Outsourcing firms, Call Centers, Data Brokers, and companies involved in Lead Generation across various industries such as solar, insurance, and real estate.

As a Lead Generation Consultant, how do I set up recurring revenue streams?

Our software enables you to set up a recurring data sales model, offering you a consistent and predictable revenue stream in the data marketplace. You can easily customize pricing and billing cycles for your clients.

As an Appointment Setting Company, how can this platform enhance my operations?

As an Appointment Setting Company, our platform can significantly optimize your workflow. Our technology enriches your aged leads, turning missed opportunities into valuable assets. The enriched data enables you to set appointments with renewed confidence, backed by updated and reliable information. This makes your appointment setting efforts more effective, ultimately boosting your success rate.

How can Live Transfer Agencies benefit from your platform?

Live Transfer Agencies can greatly profit from our platform’s robust features. By utilizing our data enrichment capabilities, you can ensure that the leads you are transferring are of the highest quality, which is crucial in live transfer scenarios. This can result in better conversion rates and increased client satisfaction. Moreover, aged leads that didn't initially convert can be revitalized and put back into your live transfer funnel, adding another layer of monetization to your operations.

How does your Data Exchange outperform competitors like Apollo, Exact Data, and ZoomInfo?

Unlike other platforms, we specialize in providing high-value contact details like personal cell phone numbers and direct email addresses. Plus, we specialize in enriching aged leads, offering you unparalleled opportunities to monetize data that others might consider obsolete.

Turn Aged Insurance Leads into Data Sales

Insurance clients often need new policies every year, making your insurance leads a recurring asset. Our platform specializes in updating and enriching aged leads, transforming them into valuable resources that you can sell year after year.

Revolutionize Your Aged Data Monetization in the Data Marketplace

Data Enrichment PRovider: upDated Aged Data bulk

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive data market, outdated information is often considered a liability. However, as a premier B2B data enrichment provider, we challenge this notion. We believe your aged data holds untapped potential.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we rejuvenate and enrich your outdated contact records, transforming them into invaluable, revenue-generating assets. Don't allow good data to languish; give it a new lease on life and unlock its full monetization potential.

Monetize Aged Data in Niche Markets for Maximum Profit

The data marketplace often presents untapped opportunities in niche markets. Our platform equips you, a savvy B2B database provider, to sell your rejuvenated data in specialized sectors, thereby reaching audiences that your competitors might not have tapped into. Discover hidden opportunities in these specialized markets!

Sell Solar Leads for Unmatched Profitability

Don't let your unconverted solar leads gather digital dust. Turn them into a revenue-generating asset by selling them on our platform. Our state-of-the-art data enrichment technology ensures that your solar leads are revitalized and ready for resale, offering unmatched profitability in the competitive solar market.

Sell real time Lead & Live Transfers for top dollar

Live Transfers are a gold mine if managed properly. Our platform provides you the tools to turn each live transfer lead into your cash equivalent asset. By enriching these leads with our cutting-edge technology, you can sell them for maximum profit, ensuring you capitalize on every opportunity.

Resell High-Quality ACA Health Insurance Premium Leads

The need for health insurance is recurrent, and so is the value of a good lead. Our platform allows you to resell your ACA Health Insurance Premium leads with up-to-date contact records. Enrich your aged leads and make them as good as new, creating a continual revenue stream in a market that never goes out of demand.

Monetize Your Business Loan and MCA Leads with Targeted Sales Strategies

Unmatched Efficiency in the B2B Financial Sector

If you've generated high-quality leads in the business loan and MCA landscape, our white-label data and cloud software are designed to elevate your call center's performance to unprecedented levels. Shift your focus from technical hurdles to core business activities

List Your Aged Leads in Your Own Data Market

Use our Cloud Infrastructure to list your aged Business Loan and MCA leads for Sale. Set your custom price for quantities, making them available to businesses desperately seeking capital. Gain visibility and attract more potential clients without getting tangled in the complexities of server management, storage, and memory.

Backend Support You Can Count On

Bid farewell to the worries of managing servers, storage, memory, RAM, and other back-end complexities. We provide robust white-label solutions that handle all the engineering aspects, letting you focus on lead generation and sales.

Recoup Your Investment by Reselling Purchased Data

Bought data that you're done with? Don't let it sit idle. Resell it on our platform to recoup some of your investment. Our technology ensures that the data is enriched and updated, making it valuable for other businesses and giving you an opportunity to earn back some of the money you've invested.

Become a Data Exchange Pioneer with Our Secure, Scalable Data Solutions

Secure Data Transactions with Robust Encryption Protocols

Whether you're a lead generation agency, a B2B lead generation company, or a social media lead generation firm, ensuring the security of your data should be your top priority. On our platform, we employ robust encryption protocols that meet the highest industry standards. This guarantees the utmost confidentiality and integrity for every data transaction, providing complete Digital Audit Track. Buy, List and Sell on the Data Market Exhange

Scalable Data Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Whether you're a social media lead generation company or a lead generation consultant, our platform scales with your business needs. Experience seamless scalability that adapts to your growth, keeping you competitive in the ever-evolving data market.

Call Center Software: Backend Support team

Specialized for BPOs and Call Center Service providers, our white-label solutions offer seamless backend support. Don't get bogged down by server management, storage issues, or memory limitations.

Our robust infrastructure handles all engineering complexities, allowing you to focus on what you do best: lead generation and sales. Create a streamlined, efficient operation that enhances your competitiveness in the data market

The Power of Selling Data Enrichment Services

Turn your Business Loan and MCA leads into monetizable assets with our industry-leading data enrichment technology. Ideal for call centers and BPO firms, our platform significantly elevates the intrinsic value of each lead.

By adding actionable, up-to-date information, you not only attract businesses desperately seeking capital but also create new, lucrative revenue streams. Unlock the true potential of your lead data and stay ahead in the ever-competitive financial sectors



B2C Leads Database USA | Consumer Lists

Our extensive consumer database at DataToLeads offers a robust Business to Consumer (B2C) Data Marketplace, featuring contact information for over 335 million individuals that span every household across the United States. This unparalleled collection comprises data on every type of residential structure—be it houses, condos, or apartments—solidifying our reputation for having the most comprehensive residential mailing list in the market. Additionally, our consumer marketing Leads database are Verified Enrich Data Mined and with email addresses and Phone Number Lists for more than 80% of these individuals, affirming our position as the largest US Consumer Database of the year. If you're looking to breathe new life into your Aged Leads, ask us about our List Enrichment services.

Key Features: (Click to for Free Leads)

1.) Extensive Consumer Database

2.) Broad Residential Mailing Lists

3.) Verified Consumer Email List

4.) Small Business Email Database

4.) Direct Phone number List

5.) Business Owner Contact Database

Powered by Advanced AI: Smart Database Solutions

In today's hyper-connected world, DataToLeads stands out, thanks to our commitment to cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Our platform isn’t just a database; it's an intelligent tool designed to help you retrieve and analyze data more effectively than ever before. When you interact with our software, you're accessing a wealth of knowledge powered by AI, designed to give you comprehensive details, be it about businesses, homeowners, professionals, or consumers. Sourcing documents from primary records becomes a breeze with rapid, precise retrieval, letting you dive deeper and faster into the data you need.

Beyond mere data retrieval, our AI capabilities reshape the landscape of business intelligence. By tapping into extensive business records, UCC filings, court documents, and more, we provide unparalleled insights into the business world. Our technology doesn’t merely fetch information; it understands it. This advanced comprehension means that pinpointing verified contact information to key decision-makers, from CEOs, Founders, and Small Business Leads, is now done with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Through DataToLeads, you don't just access a business's records; you connect directly with its leaders, ensuring a more effective and targeted outreach. Equip yourself with the AI-powered advantage and make every connection count..

Business Leads Database | Build B2B Sales List

Unlock unparalleled opportunities with DataToLeads' B2B Marketplace, your destination for B2B Leads and Data Marketing. Our reservoir features over 40 million validated contacts of industry leaders and proprietors. Sourced from government sites like the Small Business Administration and Florida Secretary of State offices, our databases pinpoint SBA loan, grant, and business credit recipients.

Utilizing proprietary data enrichment algorithms, our Data Leads and Contact Database software becomes a pivotal asset for B2B companies seeking to elevate their marketing efforts. This specialization positions our platform as an essential resource for businesses aiming to expand their reach. Connect and network with millions of business professionals today, and take a significant step forward in your business outreach endeavors!

Harness Precision for B2B Sales and Marketing Software

In today's business landscape, a quality database can make the difference between success and missed opportunity. Our database is fortified by federal, state, and county records, providing an extra layer of precision. This commitment to accuracy is designed for B2B sales leads, prospecting, and B2B software integration. Elevate your marketing campaigns and connect with your ideal prospects through DataToLeads.

Key Features:

1.) Verified Business Owner Email & Cell Phone Number

2.) Precise and Reliable Data

3.) Extensive Business Mailing Lists

4.) Robust Email Database and Phone Database.

A.I. Data Enrichment Services: Turn Aged Sales Leads into Appointment Setting

Every piece of data—be it a number, a name, or an identifier—is a hidden gem of untapped potential. But raw data, vast as it may be, often falls short of delivering actionable insights. Enter DataToLeads, a game-changer in the realm of data transformation and Business AI Software. We specialize in taking raw, unstructured data and converting it into golden, high-quality B2B and B2C leads. Whether you acquired your data at a budget-friendly price point or not, its initial quality shouldn't confine its potential. Leveraging state-of-the-art B2B Software and Business Software, we meticulously cleanse, enrich, and revitalize your marketing data lists. The objective Enrich Data accuracy and precision, bridging information gaps, and eliminating redundancies to produce an optimized list ready for impactful engagements in the B2B Marketplace.

The end result is far more than just data aggregation; it's about data optimization, list segmentation, and data monetization. Experience the zenith of data evolution, as rudimentary information is transformed into actionable, revenue-generating leads. Explore the comprehensive suite of services we offer: list building, prospecting, data enrichment, cleansing, Skip Tracing Services, B2B lead generation, and customer segmentation—all harmoniously integrated under the DataToLeads brand.

Pricing Matrix: Data Depth, Business Scale, and Tailored Solutions

At DataToLeads, our pricing ethos is designed to accommodate your specific needs, whether you're a small business or a large enterprise. We offer a variety of services that range from extracting in-depth historical data to crafting custom datasets through à la carte offerings. Importantly, our B2B software solutions can help monetize your Aged Leads, turning dormant assets into active revenue streams.

Delving into Historical Data

Recognizing the pivotal role of trend analysis in shaping future strategies, we offer a dive into our well-maintained historical data vault. Updated monthly, this reservoir provides clients with a panoramic view of past market activities, facilitating the identification of evolving patterns, market shifts, and emerging anomalies. The pricing for such a comprehensive service reflects the depth, scope, and timeline of the data in question.

Personalized Data Solutions

:We champion the mantra that data needs are unique. Thus, we offer a la carte and custom data services. Whether you seek specific data points, niche demographics, or a rare market segment, our adept team crafts datasets that perfectly resonate with your objectives. The pricing for these tailored services is a function of the data's complexity and exclusivity.

Business Size & Employee Count Dynamics

The magnitude of a business, gauged by its employee count, significantly influences our pricing. Lists that focus on larger corporations, endowed with vast employee networks, are priced at a premium. This reflects the exhaustive nature of the data extraction process and the immense potential these lists hold. Conversely, datasets focusing on smaller businesses are priced more affordably, keeping in line with the limited scope they cover.

Through this nuanced pricing framework, clients can select from a rich tapestry of options, ensuring that the data they procure is not merely informative but a catalyst in their business endeavors. At Data To Leads, we bridge the gap between data potential and actionable insights, catering to a diverse clientele with varied ambitions and budgets.

Data BRokerage lead List Solution

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